11 November 2013


I did this project almost a year ago, but I just have to brag a little bit. A long time ago, I picked up an old and broken ikea toy box at a yard sale for $3. It sat in my garage for months while I brainstormed/googled/pinterest-ed ideas on how to restore it. I wanted it to be creative, but not too cheese-y. FINALLY, it came to me - I needed a SUPERHERO box!! Afterall, this box would be used for my boys' dress-up costumes.

Last January, my husband took the twins to Utah for a funeral; while baby Miles stayed home with me (we were both a little sick). First of all, this was the first time to be away from my big boys and I paced the floors the first few days. After a bit of anxiety, I finally realized "wait a second....I have the whole house to myself with only a small baby to take care of....I'm going to PAR-TAY!!!" (And by party, I mean stay in my PJs every day and do crafts!) The toy box was my biggest project of the week and after agonizing hours, I think it turned out pretty darn good! I didn't have a stencil, but I used google images to free-hand the superhero symbols.

Man, you should have seen the twins' faces when they came home and saw the toy box - they were in little boy heaven!!! (And I couldn't be happier to have them home with me.)




  1. Are these available for sale anywhere?

  2. Hi
    Do you make these yourself? Ok I did read, you do make these. Do you sell these? I am interested in purchasing one. What is the cost? How long would it take you to make it?