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I'm the only girl in a house full of boys. I married my eternal companion in 2004 and we have 3 handsome boys. My day revolves around the love and nurture of my family, but when the boys go to bed, I bust out the sewing machine, hot glue or paint!

11 November 2013

It's official!

My dear husband ordered these business cards for me and I'm am BEYOND excited to have them. I feel so important. I feel so official, when I add them to items I sell.

They are even double-sided. Fancy-pants, huh??

Clothespin Nativity Ornaments (set of 3)

I am IN LOVE with these sweet nativity ornaments!!! I made them last Christmas and added them to my neighbor gifts. I had made a plate of cookies and tied it on top with a ribbon. I'm thinking this year I may make "brownies in a jar" for my neighbors and tie the ornament on with a ribbon.  (And since we live in a different house than last year, I have new neighbors who haven't received my ornaments yet!!) It's creative gift and something to keep after all the goodies are eaten up!

If you are running out of time or just want to make life easier, check out my clothespin ornaments on ETSY.  I sell them in a set of 3, so you will have two to give away and one to keep for yourself!


I did this project almost a year ago, but I just have to brag a little bit. A long time ago, I picked up an old and broken ikea toy box at a yard sale for $3. It sat in my garage for months while I brainstormed/googled/pinterest-ed ideas on how to restore it. I wanted it to be creative, but not too cheese-y. FINALLY, it came to me - I needed a SUPERHERO box!! Afterall, this box would be used for my boys' dress-up costumes.

Last January, my husband took the twins to Utah for a funeral; while baby Miles stayed home with me (we were both a little sick). First of all, this was the first time to be away from my big boys and I paced the floors the first few days. After a bit of anxiety, I finally realized "wait a second....I have the whole house to myself with only a small baby to take care of....I'm going to PAR-TAY!!!" (And by party, I mean stay in my PJs every day and do crafts!) The toy box was my biggest project of the week and after agonizing hours, I think it turned out pretty darn good! I didn't have a stencil, but I used google images to free-hand the superhero symbols.

Man, you should have seen the twins' faces when they came home and saw the toy box - they were in little boy heaven!!! (And I couldn't be happier to have them home with me.)



04 October 2013

DIY Fall Burlap Wreath

So, I know that burlap is SO popular right now and I decided to give it a whirl. A dear friend of mine had a birthday coming up, so I decided to make her a burlap wreath. I searched Pinterest and found a great tutorial Here. I was surprised at how easy it was! After the first wreath, I went back to hobby lobby and got supplies for 2 more to gift as housewarming gifts. The wreaths were a huge hit!

If you want to purchase my burlap wreath, click HERE! or you can shoot me an email at danathompson24@gmail.com

Here are a few photos of just one of the wreaths.